Building a Wealth Management Powerhouse

How to Build a Wealth Management Firm That Succeeds Repeatedly with Jason Gordo

Episode 042: Modern Wealth Management understands that true financial well-being requires a comprehensive approach. This isn't just a buzzword. It's a core philosophy reflected in their acquisition strategy. Modern Wealth goes beyond the siloed strategies of the past. It integrates financial planning, investment management, and tax planning into one sphere, creating a unified experience and allowing clients to see their entire financial picture.

In this episode of The Connected Advisor, Kyle talks with Jason Gordo, Co-founder and President of Modern Wealth Management. Jason is an accomplished wealth management executive with a diverse background in business strategy, execution, and mergers and acquisitions. He is known for his expertise in integrating tax planning into the financial planning process, helping clients optimize their financial strategies, and minimizing tax liabilities. Before joining Modern Wealth's founding team, Jason was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management.

Jason and Kyle discuss Modern Wealth's unique approach to managing wealth, mergers and acquisitions, and client retention. He shares insights into their M&A strategy and how they identify firms that align with their culture and business model. Their conversation highlights the importance of building strong relationships and providing exceptional client service.

Key Takeaways

  1. Modern Wealth Management integrates financial planning, investment management, and tax planning to provide clients with comprehensive solutions.

  2. Modern Wealth's acquisition strategy prioritizes cultural fit, business model alignment, and the potential for long-term partnerships.

  3. Technology integration is crucial in Modern Wealth's growth and acquisition process, ensuring a seamless transition for new partners.

  4. Modern Wealth Management focuses on building a great company with exceptional partners and delivering value to clients.

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