Developing the Next Generation of Highly Successful Advisors

Alex Goss shares his journey in the wealth management industry and his passion for mentorship.

Episode 035: On this week’s episode of The Connected Advisor, I talk with Alex Goss, Managing Partner at NewEdge Capital Group and CEO & Co-Founder at NewEdge Advisors.

Before serving at NewEdge Advisors, Alex built his father's advisory practice into an $8 billion RIA. In his current role, Alex is fully dedicated to understanding what successful advisors need. In this week’s episode, Alex provides his insights on the industry's future, where technology and the emergence of regional culture-first firms offer advisors more choices and opportunities for growth.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  1. Financial advisors are business owners. They have the potential to build successful small businesses by taking care of their clients and building strong relationships.

  2. The wealth management industry is experiencing a shift towards a more entrepreneurial model, where financial advisors are seen as business owners rather than employees.

  3. Mentorship and exposure to successful individuals are crucial in inspiring and empowering young people to realize their potential and pursue careers in the industry.

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