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Elevating WealthTech Marketing Strategies with Diana Cabrices

Episode 007: In this week’s episode of Milemarker’s Connected Podcast, I sit down with Diana Cabrices, Founder and Fractional Chief Evangelist of Diana Cabrices Consulting. Diana shares her insights on building connections, executing successful succession plans, and creating standout brands in the financial advisory industry.

With a background in technology and a passion for supporting financial advisors, Diana also discusses the future of the financial industry, highlighting the need for tech-enabled companies and the growing importance of online reviews.

Here are a few key takeaways from this week’s ep:

  1. Building connections requires vulnerability and the willingness to initiate conversations.

  2. Successful succession planning involves starting early, asking the right questions, and focusing on compatibility and overcommunication.

  3. To stand out in the financial advisory industry, firms should invest in marketing, creativity, and personalized experiences.

  4. Online reviews play a crucial role in decision-making for financial services, regardless of whether the service is transactional or long-term.

  5. The financial industry will likely see a cleanup and a shift towards tech-enabled companies prioritizing education and co-creation with clients.

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Kyle Van Pelt