Finding Success in Organic Growth for Your Firm in 2024

John Wernz & Jud Mackrill answer advisor's top questions on how to achieve organic growth for your firm in 2024.

Finding Success in Organic Growth for Your Firm in 2024 with John Wernz

Episode 020: In this episode of Milemarker’s Connected Podcast, we’re sharing a conversation between Milemarker Co-Founder Jud Mackrill and Great Hill Partners Executive in Residence John Wernz, from a recent workshop we hosted about finding success through organic growth for your firm.

They talk through how to convert leads into clients, the role technology can play in streamlining your business, and how vital a documented, goal-driven plan can be for your firm's organic growth. They also touch on trends in the industry, like the surprising effectiveness of podcasting as a marketing channel, and strategies to increase your organic ranking.

Get answers to these top questions asked by advisors:

  1. What percentage of top-line revenue should firms spend on lead generation or organic marketing services?

  2. How should advisors be thinking about podcasting as a marketing channel?

  3. How are you thinking about AI in terms of supporting organic growth?

  4. Is it more effective to have dedicated business developers rather than assigning business development responsibilities to advisors?

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