Helping Athletes Create Multi-Generational Wealth

Brandon Averill talks about the unique financial challenges and stereotypes athletes face.

Episode 036: On this week’s episode of The Connected Advisor, I talk with Brandon Averill, Partner at AWM Capital and former professional baseball player.

Brandon and I talk about the unique challenges and opportunities in serving professional athletes and their families. Brandon emphasizes the importance of education in managing finances, shares insights on the complexities of athlete taxation, and highlights the impact of the recent NIL legislation on college athletes.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  1. AWM Capital focuses on serving athletes and their families, providing a human-centered family office approach to create multi-generational wealth and financial success.

  2. Athletes face unique financial challenges and stereotypes due to a lack of financial education and guidance. It is crucial to provide education and support to help them make informed financial decisions.

  3. The recent NIL compensation for college athletes has created new opportunities and challenges in managing their wealth.

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Kyle Van Pelt