How RIAs Are Redefining Financial Advice with Aaron White

Aaron White talks about the wealth management industry's transition towards comprehensive financial planning.

Episode 039: On this week’s episode of The Connected Advisor, I talk with Aaron White, Founder and CEO of Adero Partners. Aaron brings years of experience in pre-liquidity planning, wealth transfer, private investments, and tax strategy to our conversation. Before joining Adero, he worked as a business valuation and litigation consultant for a regional accounting firm. In his current role, Aaron focuses on providing comprehensive wealth management services to clients, specializing in tax planning, estate planning, and alternative investments.

We discuss the wealth management industry's shift towards comprehensive financial planning beyond asset management alone. Adero is adapting to this trend by expanding its services to include tax planning, estate planning, and retirement accounts. He also touches on the firm's use of technology and shares insights into our growth strategies and outlook on the future of financial advisory.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  1. The wealth management industry is evolving to provide more comprehensive services beyond asset allocation and investment management.

  2. Alternative investments are becoming more accessible and offer opportunities for diversification outside of the public markets.

  3. AI and LLMs have the potential to enhance efficiency and provide quick access to information, but caution is needed around data privacy.

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Kyle Van Pelt