Turning Clients into Raving Fans

Anand Sheth created Pulse360 to help financial advisors automate and streamline creating client deliverables, including meeting prep agendas, follow-ups, client tasks, and annual summaries.

Episode 034: On this week’s episode of The Connected Advisor, I talk with Anand Sheth, CEO and Co-Founder of Pulse360.

Anand emphasizes the need for advisors to go beyond the basics of client service and provide a personalized and exceptional experience. He also introduces Pulse360 and shares how the software helps advisors streamline their operations, capture valuable client data, and tell the story of the value they provide.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  1. Providing exceptional client service goes beyond answering phone calls and replying to emails within 24 hours. Advisors can turn clients into raving fans by personalizing their interactions and anticipating their needs.

  2. Data fragmentation and the lack of tools that communicate with each other are operational challenges for advisors.

  3. Pulse360 aims to provide a systematic way for advisors to enter and access client data, communicate with clients, and streamline their operations. It allows advisors to stay informed and showcase their expertise and personalized service.

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Kyle Van Pelt