For the Dogs

The Pod Finds System & Soul

Where did this week even go? I bet you feel the same way.

This week, I was over the river and through the woods, meeting with advisors in Charleston and Charlotte who care deeply about strengthening their businesses.

All of the conversations ultimately revolved around data, specifically the need to harness it to provide insights that lead to action.

In the coming weeks, I will discuss in detail how firms are unlocking their data to provide key insights that are transforming their businesses.

This week, though, I’ll keep it short and simple.

As I sit down to write this newsletter, I just wrapped up the book Where the Red Fern Grows with my ten-year-old son.

Wilson Rawls’ book wrecked me when I was his age, and all these years later, it still stings just as much. My son was just as sad as I was at the end of the story.

So, this week, let’s revel in the magic of everyone’s best friends. Here’s our dog, who is very far from being a hunting dog, but special to us in just the same way:


What about you? Is there a special canine who’s made your life special?

On the Pod

In Episode 040 of the podcast, Kyle interviews Benj Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of System & Soul, about unconventional approaches to business leadership and development. Benj, an entrepreneur who values character and culture, co-founded System & Soul to help leadership teams unify, improve health, and enhance effectiveness.

Benj shares his insights on the importance of a renegade spirit in business and the unique challenges facing RIAs and offers practical advice for building fulfilling and successful companies. Highlights include creating System & Soul, distinguishing it from other systems, leadership qualities, and transitioning from a renegade founder to a leader. Benj's advice stresses embracing risk, prioritizing leadership development, and maintaining a renegade spirit to foster business growth.

Full episode is available now 👇

Milemarker on the Road

Catch our team on the road at the following events or cities:

  1. April 30 - Atlanta, GA

  2. May 13-14 - Atlanta, GA

If you’re in any of those cities and want to arrange a meeting time, reply to this email, and we’ll get something on the calendar.

Jud Mackrill